2BCS IT-Ticketing Tool

Solving problems during a Go Live is vital for the acceptance and success of the project. The problem-solving process must be easy to initiate, quick, transparent, and efficient. Keeping an overview of the problems, their priority and impact is vital. How can we keep an overview of the issues, assign issues and monitor the resolution of the problems?

The 2BCS Ticketing Tool is an online, web-tool which greatly supports the problem identification, resolution, monitoring and communication during a Go Live. The tool is accessible via a user account and password. Each tool user has a role, an enduser, a keyuser, problem solver (agent), a technical consultant etc.

The tool enables endusers and keyusers to easily create new tickets and attach screen shots of the issues. The tickets are automatically assigned either to a specific problem solver or a group. The whole communication (incl. timestamps, comments, and progress) is visible for all participants. If necessary, the tickets can be re-allocated to other problem solvers.

All changes to tickets are documented to ensure a tracking and learning. Another advantage of the tool are the dashboard and KPI functions. The dashboards present the number of open, closed and progress of the current tickets.

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