2BCS Training Manager

The work is done, the new software is designed and ready to use. Now your employees need to be trained to become users. How do we do that?

The success of a newly implemented software strongly depends on how well the future users are informed and trained on the use of the new software. Often projects are delayed, little time remains for training and the future trainers are busy with other activities. Training must be planned and optimized to ensure that all future users are trained on-time and in those roles and functions that they need for their daily business.

The 2BCS Training Manager is an online tool to plan and manage enduser trainings when implementing or upgrading software. The tool supports the whole training lifecycle from designing courses, planning, training sessions, controlling to structured feedback. The tool is closely integrated with Outlook and numerous other calendars enabling the automatic planning and reservation of the training participants

The 2BCS Training Manager has a built-in reporting function that calculates various training KPI's based on the planning, the effective sessions, and the feedback. Especially the feedback on the sessions and the live KPI's enables the trainers to reach quickly and adjust to make the training even more valuable.

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