Marcel Brechbühl

Marcel Brechbühl studied Accounting & Finance at the University of Fribourg. During his studies, he worked as an assessment expert at the Thurgau Tax Administration and then spent several years with a consulting company. He focused on auditing and advising national and international clients. In the course of this work, he completed his training as a certified auditor. Today, Marcel Brechbühl works as a management consultant and is in training to become a certified tax expert.

16 Years Work experience

  • 2019
    Brema Treuhand AG

    Managing director and owner

  • 2015
    PwC Schweiz

    Certified Public Accountant

  • 2013
    Universität Fribourg

    Master of Arts in Accounting and Finance

  • 2008
    Steuerverwaltung Kanton Thurgau

    Investment Expert

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