ERP Evaluation​

Digmesa AG​

Digmesa AG, with 70 employees in Switzerland, operates a process and system landscape that has grown over the years and is heavily customized. Specialist applications are integrated into the system landscape through interface integration. The solution is no longer completely transparent and very static.

Project objective

Introduction of a new ERP solution by the end of 2023. Process effectiveness and efficiency are also to be improved. To achieve the overall goals, a process-oriented evaluation is taking place, which will be completed by the end of 2022 with the selection of a partner and the associated conclusion of a contract. 

Project activities

  • Create process / application map
  • ACTUAL process Analysis and identification of weaknesses and potentials
  • TARGET process definition
  • Derivation of functional requirements based on process analysis
  • Execution of the tender
  • Offer evaluation and shortlist
  • Vendor workshops according to storybook
  • Organization of a reference visit
  • Commercial and legal contract negotiations

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