Project coaching of the PL

Trisa AG​

The software solutions of Trisa AG no longer sufficiently meet the requirements.

TRISA would like to replace the two MES and ERP solutions and exploit possible optimization potential in the project ramp-up.

Project objective

TRISA aims to have evaluated and implemented an MES system ,a new ERP system and a new LSV system by the end of 2021. The integrative projects are to be reviewed cyclically by a 2BCS coach and operational support is to be provided as needed.

Project activities

  • Regular review of the project approach
  • Consulting on potential MES and ERP vendors for the long list
  • Supply of templates and checklists for the specification process
  • Support in operational tendering and bid evaluation
  • Tips and recommendations for project execution and communication with MES and ERP vendors
  • Support during contract negotiations
  • Member of the steering committees for the implementations of LVS, ERP and MES

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