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Everybody is talking about digitalization. Unfortunately, many companies don’t know how they can profit from digitalizing their processes. 2BCS believes that the digitalization relates to two things: 1) enabling new business models with information and communication technology and 2) supporting and running the business processes with increased IT support. A digitalization strategy must target two things: increasing effectiveness and increasing process efficiency.

Digitalization is a concept that influences all processes in the value chain including processes involving external partners such as suppliers, customers, or potential employees. The concept is also not restricted to an individual application type such as ERP or CRM. Digitalization relates to the all the applications of on organization. An important prerequisite for developing a successful digitalization strategy that the experts have an overview and understand the existing application landscape.

«Audit«, «Visio« and «Roadmap«

Our services in the field of digitization

2BCS offers three distinct services in the digitalization arena: “audits”, “visions” and “roadmaps”. The common baseline is the expectation to increase the efficiency of the business processes and to increase the effectiveness of the business model.

Digitalization audit

The four proprietary best practice models cover the business processes, the transformation mindset of the employees, a model to judge the digitalization-maturity of the external relations (to suppliers, customers, partners, etc.) and a model to judge the maturity of data management. All four models are used to compare your as-is situation with our predefined maturity model. The identified gaps (between as-is and target maturity) lead to projects and initiatives that are roughly described in the audit.

Digitalization vision

The digitalization vision sets out the targets, but also the boundaries of your initiatives. This vision must be inline with your company vision. Very often our consultants start by documenting the company vision and then move on to digitalization. The digitalization vision should give guidance on the long-term direction and at the same time support the existing initiatives by giving a framework of reference.

Creating a vision takes place in a workshop where senior management and 2BCS experts discuss the potentials of communication and information technology and the impact on the company and the end-2-end value chains. The vision is often operationalized by defining initiatives and projects to make the vision come to life. The vision and other results are documented by 2BCS.

Digitalization Roadmap

The 2BCS digitalization roadmap is a detailed, practical plan for implementing the digitalization initiatives of an organization. The roadmap describes which projects, by whom and when will be implemented. The foundation for the roadmap is the digitalization audit or another source of initiatives. The projects and initiatives are valuated according to their contribution to reaching the goals of digitalization. The planning must be realistic and take risk aspects into consideration.


Our customer promise

2BCS digitalization clients profit from our unbiased and experienced view on your organization. Our experts holistically analyze the status-quo concerning digitalization, compare with best practice and derive, depending on the specific digitalization service, smart and practical proposals which will enable you to implement your digitalization initiatives. At the end of the day the proposals must increase effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

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